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Was: Guy in the big city looking to finish grad school and make a splash writing, or, as my friendster bio goes: Cranky Misanthropist in search of perpetual Sunday afternoon laze. That about sums it up, except for the cranky misanthropist bit, oh and the part that makes me sound lazy. Otherwise, yeah, that's about right.

Now: Essentially the same, but finished grad school in the fall of 2008 - now I'm officially Dr. mdunnbass. Still trying to make a splash writing. But I'm trying a little harder now... *grin*

Feel free to friend me. I'm pretty open about what I write, so few of my entries are friends-locked. So, if I don't friend you back, don't worry. You're not missing much.

As for my user icons - I got them at the following places:

Spot I found Spot on the 'net randomly years and years ago. I think he's copyright of 7up, or something.

Fizgig I found fizzgig on phillyexpat's journal. We went to high school together, but haven't stayed in touch.

iPython iPython created by celticdreamz

Think Think yoinked from terra_lily

Act Accordingly Act Accordingly yoinked from feralnerd

Psych - Shawn-Gus creep Shawn and Gus creeping yoinked from atellix

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